Family Protection Dogs

Nothing is more important than your families security and our award winning European protection dogs provide unprecedented around the clock peace of mind. Your new family member will protect and serve with a determination that will prevent or stop nearly any threat whether it be a stranger on the street or an intruder in your home, Our dogs are amazingly well balanced and quickly become an integral part of your family. Our tail waging, face licking, loving dogs are literally like under-cover military special operatives that go into action with a single command.

When you say "Yes, I want to feel safe", our team starts working on choosing the best dog for your needs. With the best match decided, our master trainer will personally deliver your dog and spend up to two weeks with you and your family. Afterwards we are available for the life of the dog to discuss any help you may need in addition to our intensive refresher courses both on and offsite.

To start providing your family with the protection they deserve contact us today.

Personal & Family Protection Dogs

900% Less expensive than 24 a hour security guard!

The cost of one of our protection dogs compared to a 24 hour security guard is 900% less expensive*

And our dogs don't take vacations or holidays, they don't eavesdrop and they will never betray you! Plus, they bring happiness and love into your home.

When Your Family's Safety Comes First...

Our Protection Dogs Deliver!

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