Protection Dogs for Woman

It's no secret that India is not the safest place for women. The threat of assault, rape and robbery are a constant concern. Our dogs are the perfect solution for any woman looking for the feeling of confidence and safety. Imagine travelling and going anywhere you want without fear. Your loyal and dedicated bodyguard will always be watching out for threats and can defend you in a moments notice. There simply is no better solution to solving the safety concerns of woman in India.

  • Prevent Rape
  • Prevent Robbery
  • Prevent Assault
  • Prevent Car Jacking

Your dog will loyally stay by your side in nearly all situations. If you want to go shopping, he will patiently wait outside the shop and not move. If someone tries to pet him, he will be friendly. If someone tries to steal him, he won't allow it. If someone tries to feed him, he won't eat it. If something happens in the shop and you call him, he will immediately come in and and protect you.

Scenario 1

You are walking down the street and there are a group of men following you. They are making rude and threatening comments. Simply tell your dog to guard you. He starts barking at the men in a very threatening manner.

Chances are, the men will go away and they will never bother you again, yet should the need arise, the dog is capable of fighting off the men.

If you had a professional security guard with you and there were five threatening men surrounding you, do you think that a single man could stop a determined group from assaulting the both of you? Just the sight of your dogs threatening barks and teeth can stop the problem before it begins.

Scenario 2

You are in your car at a stop light, and a man tries to pull you out of the car to steal it. Your dog will immediately attack the criminal and prevent harm to you.

Scenario 3

You are at home alone in the shower. An intruder enters your home through an open window. Your dog will attack the criminal and prevent any harm to you.

Scenario 4

You are sitting with your friends at a coffee shop and a man will not stop eve teasing. You tell him to stop, yet he persists. Give your dog the command "Guard" and he will scare the man into leaving you alone.

Scenario 5

A man steals your purse and starts running down the street. You give the command to attack and your dog runs the criminal down and attacks him. You call the police and get your purse back.

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